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The Family Tree Guide Book, spring 2003, contributor of sections on Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal

Dictionary Of Canadian Biography: Contributed to Volumes XII and XIII.

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The Beaver

Bruce Trail Magazine

Canadian Living

Canadian Wildlife

Costco Connection

Cottage Life

Family Tree

Harrowsmith Country Life

Heritage Travel

Lakeland Boating

Long Weekends

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Magazine Samples

Arrive, September/October, 2002, "Downtime: Recumbent Biking" A look at recumbent bicycles. Click here to read.

The Beaver, October/November, 2006, "Rescuing And Restoring Car 416" Restoring Toronto Transit Commission radial trolley car 416 at the Halton County Radial Railway Museum, near Toronto. Click here to read.

Canadian Living, February, 2008, "Life With Alzheimer's" The article deals with caring for my parents, both of whom had/have probable Alzheimer's. It includes information on the disease, diagnoses, risk factors, behavior, caregiving experience and tips and copying strategies for the caregiver. In addition there are sidebars on where to get more information, treatment and keeping your brain fit. Click here to read.

Canadian Wildlife, September/October, 2007, "Encounters: Butt Out!" A humorous look at a potentially dangerous encounter I had with a bighorn sheep in Jasper National Park. Click here to read.

Costco Connection, September/October, 2005, "The Write Stuff" Interview with award winning St. Catharines, Ontario, novelist Richard B. Wright, author of such novels as Clara Callan and Adultry. Click here to read.

Family Tree, May, 2008, "Now What? Railroad Ties" Answering a genealogical question about where to find information on one's railroad ancestors. Looks at who has what records where and what's available and what's not available. Click here to read.

Harrowsmith Country Life, February, 2008, "The Lights Fantastic" A consumer's guide to energy-efficient lights: incandescent, regular fluorescent, compact fluorescent, halogen and LED. Click here to read.

Trains Magazine, January, 2003, "Canada's Transportation Head Wants More Trains" An interview with then federal transport minister David Collenette with regards to expanding passenger train service in Canada and improving freight rail. Click here to read.

UP!, May, 2009, "Old Growth Niagara" Visiting Niagara's natural areas: Niagara Glen Nature Area, Paradise Grove, Wainfleet Quarry Conservation Area, Mud Lake Conservaion Area. Click here to read.

VIA Destinations, October/November, 2005, "Embracing Solitude" The importance of spending time alone with yourself and how it can benefit yourself. Click here to read.

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